It’s no secret that success for WSBDApp will come from the Traditional Finance market…

There are trillions of dollars sloshing around the obsolete markets with limited trading hours, border restrictions, and individual investment risks. This will be our furnace that will forge the WSBDApp smart ledger and other products like it.

We want to be first to market. We want to build the type of following that Jaime built for his original WallStreetBets movement. We want YOU, our early bag holders, to succeed with us and our misunderstood token — $WSB.

Savvy apes are pushing us forward with ideas, feedback and support. Our marketing engine is revving up now that products are coming to fruition.

The past few months of WSBDApp token hodling could begin to pay off handsomely when the general market bounces back from the recent lackluster performance of Bitcoin.

While we can’t give price predictions, we can share some of our product, brand and marketing plans…

Check it out… almost ready to share in social media channels as an introduction to WSBDApp for crypto and DeFi investors who are not yet in our community.

Now we can’t share everything just yet, but our ninja brand team has been working hard to form a brand personality that will appeal equally to crypto DeFi apes and traditional finance investor apes. Here’s a sneak peak:

NFT’s are not going away any time soon. The current market conditions may be a bit challenging, which applies to any investment opportunity as of right now our NFT program will build value for investors while supporting broader market awareness for the WSBDApp brand.

Here’s a sneak peak at an early design concept:

It’s high time the traditional finance market received an official report from the founder of WallStreetBets with his current insight on pending market opportunity in the face of a Biden Administration, COVID-economics, Central Bank Digital Currencies, and more. This report will be available within the next couple of weeks — to WSBDApp community members only.

The privileged group of apes that received early access to the Single Stock Product are helping our design team finalize the interface experience.

WSBDApp Single Stock Products will revolutionize the global financial markets. How? Why?


  1. We are enabling out-of-hours investment and trading for shares listed on the world’s Stock Exchanges.
  2. We are enabling investors to buy shares in companies that are listed on Stock Exchanges outside of their local jurisdiction. This will become a major theme for marketing to traditional investors in the coming months. Traditional investors will discover they can buy popular shares they normally wouldn’t be able to due to foreign Stock Exchange restrictions.
  3. We are creating a governance-based portfolio balancing with a mix of assets including both cryptocurrencies and traditional market assets.

And that’s beside the greater power of the Exchange Traded Portfolio’s — which includes spreading risk along with volatility hedging through exposure to a basket of assets.

To many of the savvy bag holders in our inner circle, the WSB token price now is being considered a mere drop in the bucket of its astronomical potential. Waves of traditional finance investors and traders will begin to make use of the WSBDApp tokens.

There’s lots more to share. Campaign roll-outs are in the works. Don’t get paper hands. The best is coming.

Apes. Strong. Together.