WSB DApp Inaugural ETP Polling results

Hello WSB’ers!

Thanks to the 6,000+ of you who voted in the inaugural ETP poll across the past 3 days!

Let’s dive right in and check out the result!

WSB ETP Polling Results:

We asked you to select 20 coins out of 50, to pick the starting allocation for our 1st ETP — the “WSB Crypto 20 ETP”.

Since receiving the polling results — we parsed the 20 crowd-selected crypto assets through the proposed Methodology formula (mainly Market-Cap weighting adjustment and max cap for any given asset — which we are proposing to lower from 20% to 15% to allow for better portfolio diversification).

The result is a really interesting portfolio! — A mix of Large Cap, DeFi Blue-Chips, and a few promising smaller project tokens across Infrastructure, Middleware, Application Layer and Memes.

The idea of 1st crowd-sourcing to start the portfolio composition and later crowd-sourcing the rebalancing — is to harvest the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ to create a portfolio that loosely represents “exposure to the cryptocurrency asset-class”.

What comes next?

  • We have updated the draft Crypto ETP paper with these 20 tokens and their proposed weightings.
  • will go live in the next 24 hours with our first proposal to further discuss the polling results and WSB Crypto 20 ETP.
  • After the key events (Farming 2.0 goes live) take place midnight 27th May (UTC), we can go live with the voting module and proceed to our first live on-chain $WSB governance to vote on this proposal.
  • We can launch the ETP from there if the vote passes (also conditional on having the ETP front-end website/DApp ready and audited).

Thanks again to everyone for getting involved.

We’ll pin a msg on the public WSB telegram and publish a further blog once the Governance portal goes live.


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