WSB DApp announces NFT auction in Miami and Partnership with

WSB DApp announces NFT auction in Miami and Partnership with

Big week ahead apes!

We have partnered with for all our NFT minting needs.

MemeFarm is a hilarious project aiming to build out core NFT infrastructure on Binance Smart Chain.

They have just launched their Minting Facility and by the end of June will launch an NFT Marketplace (with much cheaper gas and fees than OpenSea and alternatives on Ethereum).

Our 5x Meme & Sticker competition winners have been minted as rare 2/2 NFT’s each.

  • Each winner will receive 1x NFT (example of minted NFT here)
  • The 2nd copy of each of the winners will be auctioned off at the NFT Auction hosted by MintGoldDust in 5 days time in Miami.

We will also be Airdropping 100k $MFRM tokens across all $WSB Holders!


  • This Friday, 7pm EDT June 4th 2021 during the NFT auction event WSB will take a snapshot of wallet holdings. The tokens will be dropped to all WSB holders’ wallets shortly thereafter.
  • The $MFRM can be staked on their website anytime or users can wait for the end-of-June ‘NFT Marketplace’ release and use their $MFRM as gas for their upcoming features.

MintGoldDust Auction this Friday, June 4th — 7–11PM:

  • Our 5x Meme Competition Winners have already been minted into rare NFT’s — they will be joining the auction alongside a range of rare-pepe’s, which have recently seen 6 figure + bids at previous MintGoldDust NFT Auctions.
  • The Charity has not been named yet — but we believe you Apes will absolutely love the good cause (revealed on Auction Night).
  • Jaime Rogozinski will be joining as special guest for the NFT auction with DJ Rare Scrilla warming up the apes with cool cuts throughout the night.

It’s going to be a great night so if you’re in Miami check out the details on Eventbrite and come along!

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