Our first vote is live, and we’re excited to see the results! It took some time to get a snapshot working with BSC, but now any project who wants to use Masterchef pool balances for voting can. Thanks to the team over at snapshot for merging commits and generally being awesome.

Our first vote is approving the values and weighting of the tokens in our ETP 20, a 20 asset portfolio. We have been holding discussions for our votes on https://gov.wsbdapp.com our first discussion can be found here: https://gov.wsbdapp.com/t/discussion-for-dao-vote-1-wsb-crypto-20-etp/54. Following the debate, a refined version of the ETP20 proposal was proposed and discussed: https://gov.wsbdapp.com/t/dao-vote-1-proposed-assets-and-weighting-of-the-etp20/271. The weighting mechanism was changed, primarily which affects the amount each token gets proportionally.

We hope you’ll take part in our vote if you’re in the community. It ends at 00:30 UTC on June 9th. The basics of the vote are agree/disagree. If the proposal does not pass, then we will have a follow-up proposal on the governance page, and listen to the community. Our goal is to continue pursuing decentralization and fairness in our application. We look forward to the future, and thanks for joining us.