Meme Video Contest for WSBDApp Apes

We LOVED the entries for our recent meme graphic contest.

…Winners received their bounty prizes over the weekend.

And now we want more!

Capable apes can submit a creative meme video in support of WSBDApp by lunchtime Friday for a chance to win a share of 100,000 WSB tokens.

Entries will be shown during the private WSBDApp Miami Party happening this Friday night!

Party attendees will vote on favorite entries to progress to a final round — then you have a week to polish your video for a final vote of the Top 3.

The bounty split for the top 3 entries is 70/20/10%. Do the math. That’s a beautiful bounty!

We’ll also use your video highlights in our upcoming ape video marketing to ramp up publicity within the crypto, defi and traditional finance communities.

Post your entry:

  1. On Twitter (up to 2 mins and 20 seconds and up to 512MB) using the following hashtags: #WSB #WallStreetBets #WSBDApp #BSC #BinanceSmartChain #VideoContest #CryptoMemes — so we can retweet your entry!
  2. On Subreddit at Meme Video Contest For Apes
  1. Videos should be at least 20 seconds long. Anything up to about 2 minutes is fair game.
  2. Use a standard video format, probably MP4 or MOV, and DM us a download link for the file.
  3. Be creative, go wild, but keep it kosher enough to show at a public event, you filthy apes.
  4. Feel free to use our design assets available in this zip file — mash them up as you like, or produce your own new ideas!

Apes stronger together. Bulls vs Bears vs Apes. WSBDApp taking over DeFi… taking over Crypto… taking over Wall Street… taking over global finance.

Check out this madness shared on r/wallstreetbets.

Remember apes: We need your first version entries by Friday mid-day so we can vote during the Miami Party that evening to select final round contenders. You’ll then have 1 week to complete your final version for a share in the 100,000 WSB tokens! Have at it.

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