Farming 2.0 Audit is complete!

Check out the extensive audit report (with a clean bill of health) here.

WSBDApp has successfully launched our v2 farming pools.

The migration to a more flexible farming contract allows us to add more strategies in the future and allows for voting on new parameters. In the future, there will likely be a voting proposal based on demand and feedback.

We’ve removed the WSB/CAKE pool because of low liquidity as it was unfortunately not stable enough. We’ve replaced that pool with a WSB only staking pool.

As well, we’ve had lots of feedback from new users who are learning how to supply liquidity, and we understand dealing with the complexity was not ideal. This new farming upgrade gives users a chance to stake with just WSB.

It is important to note that if you are in a liquidity pool you will earn fees on Pancakeswap in addition to rewards for being part of the club. If you feel up for it, it could be your next step in your journey in DeFi. The two liquidity pools are WSB/BNB and WSB/BUSD.

All pools have a 0.3% entrance fee. This fee goes to a gnosis safe address that will be controlled by the DAO. We do not currently have a plan for it, our plan is to give the DAO a chance to vote on this. We collect WSB Tokens from the Single Stake and LP Tokens from the two other pools.

It’s important to note that these LP Tokens essentially mean we’re locking in liquidity and some interesting proposals could go along with this!

We also have our audit of the new contracts. We’ve audited all necessary smart contracts which you can view here.

Also, our pools have a time lock which means a 24-hour delay. This means that if by chance something were to go awry no change will take place for 24 hours and all users can be informed.

Alas, we are not a “farming project” but our goal is to incentivize early adopters and spread WSB to more holders. Rewards will decrease over time, every 30 days starting from May 27th UTC 12:00.

Current rewards are 25M, then 12.5, 6.25, and 3.125 for the final two months.

The rewards are split up per pool 40% for each liquidity pool, and 20% for the single-staking. We’re sorry but you gotta step it up to get that 40%, we still love you though ❤️.

It’s important to note that even though farming ends in approximately 5 months, additional farming could be put to a vote. We do not have any plans to change any of the current setups unless there is a vote or some type of obvious situation.

We are excited to have you on this journey with us as we create the 1st ETP and next the DAO.

Please join the discussion ongoing in Telegram at:

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