APES can now buy Stocks and Equities with Cryptocurrency

Hello, Apes.

You asked and we delivered.

Synthetic Assets are now within your reach!🤩

With this week’s product launch, apes can buy and sell synthetic stocks and equities. One step forward to achieving our ultimate aim — making all financial assets available to everybody.

It is with great excitement that we lay the foundations of WallStreetBets DApp with a unified dashboard allowing users to easily buy and sell synthetic stocks and equities with crypto.

Available for Ethereum wallets initially, featuring major stocks and equities that are available from Mirror Finance, which enables the creation of fungible assets (“synthetics”) that track the price of real world assets. More on this new partnership coming soon.

🤔 Imagine…

Borderless Stock Investment

If you have cryptocurrency and want exposure to Stocks and Equities (anywhere in the world) our platform will make it easy to trade and track. The significance of this can not be understated. People around the world are unable to trade stocks on foreign stock exchanges via normal channels. With the WSBDapp approach to synthetics — now they can. GO APES! 🙌

Hedging Against Crypto Volatility

Stocks and Equities fluctuate differently than cryptocurrency and can become a new form of volatility hedging. Rather than relying on stablecoins, savvy apes will exploit opportunities to trade into synthetics that show positive momentum even while the crypto markets take a tumble — thus helping to capture positive gains without being stuck in a USD stablecoin which is losing value due to dollar inflation.

How does the new Single Stock Product work?

Key Features:

  1. Self custodial: We never own your stocks — they are yours and for you to trade.
  2. Decentralized and transparent: There is no middleman; which means you pay no brokerage fees.
  3. Flexible: The cryptocurrency market runs 24/7; allowing you to trade at any time you see fit without interruption.

This wasn’t possible in the legacy system. The world worked by making the rich richer and no one considered the little guy. Systems were disconnected. Wall Street had a stronghold on the market.

Our community is changing it all- rather, revolutionizing it! No more hefty fees to brokers; apes get to keep all of the profits for themselves.

WSBDApp is working with a growing number of partners to expand the assets available, integrate with different chains, and drive liquidity.

How can you use it?

Our simple and intuitive interface allows apes to easily buy and sell synthetic stocks and equities on the Blockchain. Soon, you will be able to use the WSBDApp for planning your portfolio once it integrates historical trades and useful alerts for timely market actions.

The WSBDApp community will use these single stock products (along with our upcoming Exchange Traded Portfolios) to stock pick together with sophisticated diversification strategies beyond anything the Traditional Finance market ever made available to retail investors before. A topic we will expand on in greater detail soon.

Perks for Apes:

Single Stock Products opens up a whole new world of investment opportunities to millions (and even billions) of people around the world.

Synthetic Stocks and Equities also allow trading without having to register with a broker. If you can use a web3 wallet and cryptocurrency, you can now trade stocks without restriction.

Synthetic assets that mirror the price of Stocks and Equities are still early in their growth/adoption cycle with less than $0.5B in liquidity. The WSB community is well-positioned to grow that significantly — and the $WSB token is the key.

Is this unique?

You bet! Our competitors are primarily swap platforms. We provide an interface that will expand to have more information to trade thus empowering our collective community with new and better ways to manage funds. We work closely with synthetic asset platform Mirror Finance, while augmenting their offering with tracking and analysis to put even more power in the hands of the apes.

With the launch of the Single Stock Product, we are opening the door for investors anywhere to take advantage of opportunities in the market with easy-to-use, straightforward tools. We also recognize the power of our community to bring significant buying demand to any investment opportunity we turn our mighty attention to.

Apes. Together. Strong.

Begin trading synthetic stocks on WSBDApp. Beta access available from the community forum at https://gov.wsbdapp.com