Ape Access To Group Farming On Unifarm!

Stake $WSB and farm multiple assets like $MATIC + $ORO + $CNTR + $REEF and many more


Another cornerstone update:

Collaboration with UniFarm — introducing group farming to enable long term incentives for WSB token holders.

Apes can now stake $WSB and farm multiple tokens in the UniFarm pool!

What is Unifarm? 🤔

Launched earlier this year by OpenDeFi, Unifarm is a new staking solution where users stake an asset and start farming other assets over the staking period. You can farm more tokens the longer you stay in the pool.

It’s secure and efficient, providing liquidity for a wide range of tokens. Users only need to stake one type of token to be rewarded with multiple high-value alternatives.

Know any apes that got burned by investing in unreliable or abandoned DeFi projects? Check out Unifarm’s charity fund, designed to provide assistance. The community votes on which dead tokens can be included in the ecosystem, and rewards will be provided for staking.

Unifarm operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum networks. Back in April, over $2 million was raised in a sale of Unifarm’s newly-launched UFARM token. As of today (June 24, 2021), there is over $9.4 million total value locked (TVL) in Unifarm.

Besides UFARM, WSB holders can also expect to get rewards in other tokens that are part of the Unifarm ecosystem, including👇:

  • OpenDefi (ORO)
  • Reef Finance (REEF)
  • Matic Network (MATIC)
  • Frontier (FRONT)
  • Centaur (CNTR)

How does the UniFarm pool work?

If you stake $WSB in the UniFarm pool:

  • The first week, you farm $WSB
  • The second week, you farm $WSB, and $ORO
  • The third week, you farm $WSB, $ORO, and $MATIC
  • The fourth week, you farm $WSB, $ORO, $MATIC, and $REEF

Users can un-stake their tokens anytime from the UniFarm pool, but the clock will be set back to Zero and you will have to start the process over.

How to get started🤩

The staking of $WSB will go live tomorrow (June 25th)!

To farm by staking $WSB, you can watch the following video or follow the written directions here:

  1. Visit https://unifarm.co
  2. Click “Launch App” to launch the Unifarm app
  3. Click on “Connect Wallet” to connect with the UniFarm App
  4. Select Token as “WSB” and enter the amount of $WSB you wish to stake in the farm and click on “Calculate Yield”
  5. After you click on “Calculate Yield”, you will see the amount of rewards in each token you will receive if you stay on the farm for 90 days.
  6. Click on “Approve” to allow spending of $WSB
  7. Once the Approve transaction is confirmed, click on “Stake” and confirm the transaction.
  8. You have successfully staked $WSB and can start earning rewards.

Adding WSB to Unifarm is a big step and will help all you eager apes get more rewards for investing in the WSB token.

Together, our projects are in an even better position to bring value to DeFi and continue disrupting the financial sector💰.