It’s no secret that success for WSBDApp will come from the Traditional Finance market…

There are trillions of dollars sloshing around the obsolete markets with limited trading hours, border restrictions, and individual investment risks. This will be our furnace that will forge the WSBDApp smart ledger and other products like it.

We want to be first to market. We want to build the type of following that Jaime built for his original WallStreetBets movement. We want YOU, our early bag holders, to succeed with us and our misunderstood token — $WSB.

Savvy apes are pushing us forward with ideas, feedback…

As all the Apes are well aware… On 7th July this year, voting closed for the proposed assets and weighting of Macro Hedge ETP.

And your verdict is… 🤔

86.57% voted ‘Agree’ while 13.43% voted ‘Disagree’.

Over 50 million tokens were cast (50.18 million to be exact) in votes by 166 individual addresses, which is over 15% more tokens than the last vote- 6.49 million more tokens were cast.

With 43.44 million WSB selecting ‘agree’ and 6.74 million WSB selecting ‘disagree’.👉 You can view the proposal here.

This ETP will be passively-managed by investing primarily in fiat-linked crypto stable coins…

Hello, Apes.

You asked and we delivered.

Synthetic Assets are now within your reach!🤩

With this week’s product launch, apes can buy and sell synthetic stocks and equities. One step forward to achieving our ultimate aim — making all financial assets available to everybody.

It is with great excitement that we lay the foundations of WallStreetBets DApp with a unified dashboard allowing users to easily buy and sell synthetic stocks and equities with crypto.

Available for Ethereum wallets initially, featuring major stocks and equities that are available from Mirror Finance, which enables the creation of fungible assets (“synthetics”) that track…

Hello WSB’ers!

Many of you have asked ‘what is the long term utility of $WSB tokens?’.

This post is designed to explain the flow of fees and how it all works to benefit the community.

Let’s start by breaking down the product lines:

1) Exchange Traded Portfolios (ETP’s) — 0.3–0.5% Fees accrued when buying/selling ETP’s.

WSB Core devs are working on a daily basis with the team at Balancer Labs to launch the world’s first wholly-collateralized, self-custodial ETP concept. Auditing has begun and the ETP’s should go live in early August.

Essentially, we have augmented Balancer V2 and with the…


Hello, Apes!

First, a MASSIVE thank you to every ape for your response to our 2nd ETP announcement!

Your enthusiasm for combining the Wall Street Bets movement with Decentralized Finance propels us forwards!

Now, given recent events in the crypto market, it’s time we explain our current vision so you know what the $WSB moon path looks like.

USD Weighting

There is a lot of concern in regards to the weight of the USD, especially since it is at risk of losing it’s global reserve currency status. …

Stake $WSB and farm multiple assets like $MATIC + $ORO + $CNTR + $REEF and many more


Another cornerstone update:

Collaboration with UniFarm — introducing group farming to enable long term incentives for WSB token holders.

Apes can now stake $WSB and farm multiple tokens in the UniFarm pool!

What is Unifarm? 🤔

Launched earlier this year by OpenDeFi, Unifarm is a new staking solution where users stake an asset and start farming other assets over the staking period. You can farm more tokens the longer you stay in the pool.

It’s secure and efficient, providing liquidity for a wide range of tokens…

Greetings $WSB community,

We’ve been thinking, and what we see happening on a global basis has cause for concern. So we thought it was timely to spark up a discussion and further ideas around an Inflation Hedging ETP.

As a quick update: WSB Engineering team has been working almost daily with the core developer of Balancer Labs, to speed up getting our ETP’s out the door. The main issue is the time to audit the code. Currently we expect the audits to start next week and take 5–7 days. …

Apes in the DeFi and TradFi communities are starting to see huge potential in DeFi’ing Wall Street via WSBDApp.

Interest in the $WSB token is accelerating — with WSB soon to be listed on 2 crypto trading platforms, including BitMart, as a tradeable asset — expanding awareness of our governance token and increasing WSB liquidity.

Here’s the deets…

BitMart Exchange is a premier global digital assets trading platform with over 5.5 million users worldwide and ranked 13th crypto exchanges on CoinGecko. BitMart currently offers 460+ trading pairs with one of the lowest trading fees in the market.

Some of BitMart’s…

As savvy apes know… this past week we held an on-chain vote to determine the asset composition of the very first Exchange Traded Portfolio.

And the results are in…

88.41% voted ‘Agree’ and 11.59% voted ‘Disagree’.

43.59 million tokens were cast in votes by 417 individual addresses, with 38.54 million WSB selecting ‘agree’ and 5.05 million WSB selecting ‘disagree’. You can view the proposal here.

Tokens and weighting have been approved for an Exchange Traded Portfolio consisting of 20 tokens. You’ll find the confirmed ETP 20 here on the final summary page.

Here’s how we got here:

  • We first launched…

Our first vote is live, and we’re excited to see the results! It took some time to get a snapshot working with BSC, but now any project who wants to use Masterchef pool balances for voting can. Thanks to the team over at snapshot for merging commits and generally being awesome.

Our first vote is approving the values and weighting of the tokens in our ETP 20, a 20 asset portfolio. We have been holding discussions for our votes on our first discussion can be found here: Following the debate, a refined version of the ETP20 proposal was…

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