Greetings $WSB community,

We’ve been thinking, and what we see happening on a global basis has cause for concern. So we thought it was timely to spark up a discussion and further ideas around an Inflation Hedging ETP.

As a quick update: WSB Engineering team has been working almost daily with the core developer of Balancer Labs, to speed up getting our ETP’s out the door. The main issue is the time to audit the code. Currently we expect the audits to start next week and take 5–7 days. …

Apes in the DeFi and TradFi communities are starting to see huge potential in DeFi’ing Wall Street via WSBDApp.

Interest in the $WSB token is accelerating — with WSB soon to be listed on 2 crypto trading platforms, including BitMart, as a tradeable asset — expanding awareness of our governance token and increasing WSB liquidity.

Here’s the deets…

BitMart Exchange is a premier global digital assets trading platform with over 5.5 million users worldwide and ranked 13th crypto exchanges on CoinGecko. BitMart currently offers 460+ trading pairs with one of the lowest trading fees in the market.

Some of BitMart’s…

As savvy apes know… this past week we held an on-chain vote to determine the asset composition of the very first Exchange Traded Portfolio.

And the results are in…

88.41% voted ‘Agree’ and 11.59% voted ‘Disagree’.

43.59 million tokens were cast in votes by 417 individual addresses, with 38.54 million WSB selecting ‘agree’ and 5.05 million WSB selecting ‘disagree’. You can view the proposal here.

Tokens and weighting have been approved for an Exchange Traded Portfolio consisting of 20 tokens. You’ll find the confirmed ETP 20 here on the final summary page.

Here’s how we got here:

  • We first launched…

Our first vote is live, and we’re excited to see the results! It took some time to get a snapshot working with BSC, but now any project who wants to use Masterchef pool balances for voting can. Thanks to the team over at snapshot for merging commits and generally being awesome.

Our first vote is approving the values and weighting of the tokens in our ETP 20, a 20 asset portfolio. We have been holding discussions for our votes on our first discussion can be found here: Following the debate, a refined version of the ETP20 proposal was…

We LOVED the entries for our recent meme graphic contest.

…Winners received their bounty prizes over the weekend.

And now we want more!

Capable apes can submit a creative meme video in support of WSBDApp by lunchtime Friday for a chance to win a share of 100,000 WSB tokens.

Entries will be shown during the private WSBDApp Miami Party happening this Friday night!

Party attendees will vote on favorite entries to progress to a final round — then you have a week to polish your video for a final vote of the Top 3.

The bounty split for the top…

Check out the extensive audit report (with a clean bill of health) here.

WSBDApp has successfully launched our v2 farming pools.

The migration to a more flexible farming contract allows us to add more strategies in the future and allows for voting on new parameters. In the future, there will likely be a voting proposal based on demand and feedback.

We’ve removed the WSB/CAKE pool because of low liquidity as it was unfortunately not stable enough. We’ve replaced that pool with a WSB only staking pool.

As well, we’ve had lots of feedback from new users who are learning how…

WSB DApp announces NFT auction in Miami and Partnership with

Big week ahead apes!

We have partnered with for all our NFT minting needs.

MemeFarm is a hilarious project aiming to build out core NFT infrastructure on Binance Smart Chain.

They have just launched their Minting Facility and by the end of June will launch an NFT Marketplace (with much cheaper gas and fees than OpenSea and alternatives on Ethereum).

Our 5x Meme & Sticker competition winners have been minted as rare 2/2 NFT’s each.

  • Each winner will receive 1x NFT (example of minted NFT here)
  • The…

Hello WSB’ers,

We are thrilled to announce the 5,000 $WSB winners of our first #MemeContest!

The Meme Contest was a huge success thanks to all the applicants, we have received many top-quality hilarious entries. We were looking for our community members to show creativity and passion for WSBDApp, and the apes have delivered it!

  1. Mario @JulianBarrios21

2. Apes Together Strong @masterape7

3. 3D @OpahKehed

4. Hodl Party @sigiwardstone

5. Elon in the Spaceship @CRAXYCRYPTOCAT

Hello WSB’ers!

Thanks to the 6,000+ of you who voted in the inaugural ETP poll across the past 3 days!

Let’s dive right in and check out the result!

WSB ETP Polling Results:

We asked you to select 20 coins out of 50, to pick the starting allocation for our 1st ETP — the “WSB Crypto 20 ETP”.

Since receiving the polling results — we parsed the 20 crowd-selected crypto assets through the proposed Methodology formula (mainly Market-Cap weighting adjustment and max cap for any given asset — which we are proposing to lower from 20% to 15% to allow…

👉🏻Link to 1st ETP poll!💪🏻👀

Participation and governance are core to the entire WSB DApp project. We’re actively expanding members’ voting powers beyond major features and modifications. With our voting system WSB DApp holders and ETP participants can directly influence the portfolios, farming and use of funds. It’s crucial when structuring such influence that all outcomes are considered in an effort to create a more fair and direct system.

TL;DR: there will be polling and voting to encourage maximum participation and community control over the project.

20th to 27th May Voting Launch Process:

  1. Poll is live! (Click here) Select 20…

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